Healing Hepatitis C on Good Morning America Health

Healing Hepatitis C

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~ by Christopher Kennedy Lawford on June 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Healing Hepatitis C on Good Morning America Health”

  1. Thank you Chris for continuing to spread the word about Hepatitis C! Hopefully people will wake up to this “epidemic” soon!

  2. Hello Chris,
    My name is Debra Jordan. I am a 55 year old African-American female who ended my Hep C tx in June of 2008. I was diagnosed in Jan. of 2007. I was floored when I received the news. I was given your book, Healing Hepatitus C from my doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Goldman in which you signed my name and yours. I want to thank you for this and your courageous work on attacking the stigma and stereotypes surrounding this liver disease. Dr. Goldman and nurse Kelly Hoffman are also in the fight about Hep C. I read your book in less than 2 days and you were on the money with this grueling tx. I went for 52 weeks and received my SVR news in Dec. of 2008. I know that it if was not for God, supporters and excellent medical care I might have been on the other side. We have a support group for those who have liver disease at Advocate South Suburban Hospital every second Thursday of each month from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 pm. We started the group in September of 2008 and we are continuously growing and I am so proud but there is so much more work that has to be done. I had been clean for over 15 years when i also received my news so i know the feeling. With the American Liver Foundation we are getting the word out. I have appeared in two newspaper articles and i am on the american liver foundation website, archived and it reads Debra’s story. I was recently laid off my job in may, 2009 and i am interested in doing other things concerning this great fight. I have my master’s degree and certification in addictions counseling. I have work with HIV positive adults and youth and countless others but i feel that this is what i should be concentrating my time and energy on. I have to share this because as you understand the bills need paying.(smile) Even though we grew up in different environments it is amazing the similarities that are there. Keep up the excellent work as well as I. I also am going to contact Roche and Schering-Plough to see what i can do for this great cause. The public needs to hear it and quickly. Millions and millions of lives are at stake because of lack of knowledge, little advocacy and affordable treatments. Again I thank you again and again and maybe our paths will cross as we move forward. I will be writing more in the future but i had to write now and let you know how your book helped me as well. Again lets be thankful that we are CURED!!! Hopefully this will find its way to you. There is power in numbers and education.

  3. Dear Christopher, thank you we need more like you to stand up and be counted.. your doing a great job raising awareness.
    I do as much as I can here in the Uk to erase the stigma, even getting married on World Hepatitis Awareness Day and leafleting the town centre with all my Guests

    I have gone on to run the Nomads HepC forum

    The Nomads is an online support forum for those affected by Hepatitis. . It is a valuable resource for information with items from the latest research, published papers on HCV, treatment and new drug trials. It can only be viewed by registering and all membership is free. It does focus on the social side of support and is a good place to find like minded people in a similar predicament. Carers and health professionals are also members and all are welcome.

    Good Luck with the book…..

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