Describing The Drug Addict or Alcoholic Recovery

It was discussed previously about what the definition of recovery was and that it probably has a different definition depending on which person you ask being it someone suffering from chemical dependency or alcoholism.  To add to that discussion it seems that we also need to determine if “recovery” is actually the word that best describes the journey that we as drug addicts and alcoholics are traveling.

We all know that as a drug addict or alcoholic there is never the description in our lives of being “recovered”.  That has a finality in place that will never be the case. Why then do we tell people we are in recovery?  We see economic recovery it carries with it the idea that at some point the recovery will be complete. We can recover artifacts or find something that was previously lost.  Not the description that best suits our plight.  Unlike economic recovery the drug addict cannot prepare a spreadsheet and let you know when they have reached their destination or goal. We are not recovering a lost item.  Perhaps we are looking at the wrong description by using the word recovery.

Cancer patients and those that suffer from that disease are not considered as patients in recovery but they are in “remission”.  Can our substance abuse disorder or chemical dependency be in remission?  If we can determine that in fact alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease perhaps that description might be more proper.  Remission has with it a sense of a cure or that the disease is gone.  That may be misleading or a misinterpretation and not the best way to describe the drug addicts condition.  How would you like to describe the remainder of your life?  Are you a drug addict in recovery?  Are you a recovering alcoholic?  What is the legacy you leave going forward?  All of these questions have no correct answer, and again, we all have our own thoughts and opinions as to where we are in the process. Recovery is a long road and a journey.  Does it have a destination?

[photo via qmnonic]


~ by Christopher Kennedy Lawford on June 2, 2010.

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