Eminem Brouhaha

I heard this morning about the Eminem brouhaha. Unbelievable. Ok, if any of you people out there in recovery have any doubt about what we are facing, just take a look at the comments aimed at Eminem and his new record. Just an FYI to the people who have their panties in a bunch about Eminem doing this to revitalize a career, the guy is huge, cool and talented, who doesn’t need to be public about this kind of thing to sell records. It’s a risk for him with very little upside and to make a comparison between him and Lindsay Lohan is ridiculous. By the way, for all of you people out there upset about those who are public about recovery and/or addiction, people do it all the time with other diseases and no one seems to give a shit. Look into your hearts people, figure out how you really feel about these alcoholics and addicts and maybe it has something to do with what your mom and dad did or didn’t do. This thing touches everyone and it’s killing our young people. Wake up folks, it’s a disease, just like other brain diseases so before you condemn those who are getting better how about you take a walk in their shoes and let the 800 pound gorilla dance with you for ten or twenty years and then come talk to me – slick. Cause, right now, you got zero credibility!!!! “Not Afraid” is a great song, it could be the anthem for the recovery movement and by the way if there were people representing recovery, they would look like gods on Olympus compared to the people writing this petty, uninformed garbage. I’d like to ask each one of the people who was critical of Eminem if they ever created anything in their life? Probably not, most likely they spend all their time on the Internet – commenting and critiquing. Get a life folks or have a drink, you could probably use one. And to the guy whose comment was that “sobriety kills creativity,” guaranteed he never created anything and if he did he was probably high.


~ by Christopher Kennedy Lawford on June 21, 2010.

15 Responses to “Eminem Brouhaha”

  1. I agree with every single word of this, Christopher. Thanks and bravo.

  2. i think it was very brave of him…in his ‘circle’ admission to an addicitons and recovery is not ‘cool’…i admire him very much.

  3. Nice comeback, but I guess that the ignorance of these people, is because, like you say, very few people come out and tell you the truth, like Eminem. Before I went looking for help in the rooms, I had no idea what I was facing, I myself just thought that it was my weakness as a person, which of course fueled the destruction! As for my creativity, it has never been so alive since I took back my life…Thanks Christopher

  4. I totally agree with you and cannot wait to hear Eminem’s new song. I was really never a fan but now I am! People can KMA if they don’t like what I have to say. Thank God for the delete button and the 12 steps of recovery! You are our voice. Oprah can be “our voice” should she answer one of my many, many emails! Brenda S. Derbin, very proud of being in recovery

  5. I’m 27 years old and have been sober 21 days.. I bought Eminems new CD last night and have been listening to it ever since.. It gives me hope and courage to go on and fight this diease.. Props to him for having the courage to admit to everyone he has an addiction. I always have been and always will be a fan

  6. Bravo!

  7. Couldn’t have said it any better than you put it out there Chris. Ignorance is no longer acceptable. People stop BELIEVING what the media puts out there. Stop listening to those right winged crazies (my humble opinion not yours) and do some research. My son loves Eminem it would drive me nuts. I humbly listen to what he is really saying and I am proud that he is honest about his recovery. I am, I tell it like it is I have no secrets today. Thanks for letting me share. Blessed Be.

  8. Kudos to you Rachel P. Your are a miracle and keep fighting. I promise you that it gets better! Brenda

  9. Another great song for an anthem would be “Going Through Changes” on his new CD..

  10. It took a tremdous amount of courage for him to come out with this CD. It has been a sheer joy watching this young man grow over the past few years. I’m Not Afraid is brillant. Holla

  11. Not a fan, not of him or his genre but that’s not important. What is important is that he has found sobriety and recovery and is not afraid to go public about it. Just as Addiction crosses all segments of our society why shouldn’t Recovery? God bless you, Eminem and may you embrace your recovery for the rest of your life…One Day At A Time! And also thank you for having the courage to go public about it!

  12. Thank you Christopher for your courage and tenacity. Back in the day when the 12 Step Program originated, I think the purpose of anonymity was originally adopted to protect persons, who were trying to get sober, from losing their jobs or losing their reputations or respectable positions in their communities. Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob did their best to investigate all medical avenues regarding the disease of addiction …. but in 1935 there was no data. There is a caveat in the Big Book that states to ‘keep an open mind and more will be revealed’, because they both probly knew it was a medical problem. Today we do know better. The AMA declared it a disease some years ago and the general public still hasn’t caught up. I am 40 years clean and sober. Nuerological research today has ongoing research determined to find the causes and the most up-to-date treatment for this disease. Eminem is courageous in going against the general public opinion that recovery is simply a matter of, “Just don’t drink”. That belief is true ignorance of this disease.

  13. Rachel P – Great job! 21 days is huge!
    Rock ur girl-power!
    Re: CKL’s blog – great observations, as usual! TY

  14. This is such great commentary on Eminem’s new project. The entire album “Recovery” is good and it proves what a “clear” head can do. His ability to truly capture and put into words what is probably one of the most difficult struggles-addiction, is remarkable.

    My Dad is a long-time recovering alcoholic so I know what Eminem is rapping about. People who don’t, as you say, probably have never created anything and just prefer to spew hatred than really listen to something that may just open their minds a bit!!!

    Also, Mr. Lawford, I saw you speak earlier this year and it was so great and I wish I had known you were an Eminem fan! I would’ve struck up a conversation about him. haha

  15. Agreed. Eminem’s balls out song “I’m Not Afraid” creatively charges forward into a life of recovery and is way more admirable than him curling in a ball of silent shame and crying about things. My respect to all who look their life in the eyes and take a stand.

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