Don’t Get Mad – Get Even

My grandfather, Joseph P. Kennedy, who didn’t take shit from anybody used to say, “Don’t get mad get even,” but that’s a whole other blog that I’ll get into on another day.

You all are not going to believe this, but without a doubt the most activity that I have ever seen based on something I wrote on the internet came after the posting of the Eminem Brouhaha. Now, that may have something to do with Eminem or it may have something to do with music or it may be that people just like a good cat fight. But I think the energy released had more to do with the pent-up desire for people to be heard and respected. I think that addicts and alcoholics carry a whole lot of judgement about themselves which makes it difficult sometimes for them to believe that they have a place in the bigger world, something to say, and the right to be heard. I am here to tell you that from my gut and from my experience that this complicated and exasperating band of misfits have a place, something to say, and a right to be listened to. In fact the world needs you and will be better off if you start believing it and saying what’s on your mind. Nobody who hasn’t been where we’ve been will understand what its like or fully accept who we are – that’s ok. You don’t need them to. Its time to make some noise folks. Its time to let them know who we are and what we know.


~ by Christopher Kennedy Lawford on June 23, 2010.

6 Responses to “Don’t Get Mad – Get Even”

  1. noise noise noise noise noise. Totally agree. Thanks Chris

  2. When I quit drinking I was afraid I’d loose that whacky wild and crazy Jackie…that alcahol was what made me that Jackie. I was more than pleasantly surpirsed to find out I was just as wild, crazy and said the most outragious things and alcohol didn’t have a thing to do with it. It just made me forget what I said. That’s what drunks need to know and to remember…

  3. Love this piece Christopher. I couldn’t agree with you more. Alcoholics and addicts low self-esteem and slow healing sometimes puts us in a place where we still don’t feel we are allowed to be out there in the bigger picture. But it is a free world and we are very much a part of it with gifts to contribute to it. So I”m with you on this. Funny that you should be writing about this at a time when I have just entered a contest I call LIVING OUT LOUD which is about living your truth, being authentic that no matter what your circumstances you can live your life to it’s fullest and make a difference. Thank you Christopher. Have a beautiful day. And if you get a moment before July 3rd, I could certainly use your vote(s) for my Oprah’s OWN TV submission; LIVING OUT LOUD! All the best, one day at a time!

  4. I am in total agreement of this as a double digit recovery person and professional in the field. I think so many recovering people feel they have to live in the shadows and remain this secret society. Recovering people have so much to offer the world in every aspect. Addiction and Recovery have certainly recieved more press in the last few years and many celebrities who have claimed to be in “recovery” but not embrace basic beliefs have certainly not been shining examples of what recovering people as a entity have to offer. It’s time to let the overwhelming success of recovery ring true for the rest of the population.

  5. Well said, Chris. Please keep up the great work. And thank you for giving people a voice…..

  6. Thanks Chris. I forwarded this piece to Oprah Winfrey to see if she will do a show on “successful” recovering addicts. I have been sending her emails for the past 3 months in the hopes she will have my friend, and my friend Kenny P, one of the founders of I hope she invites you as well! I am hoping she does the show in September as that is “recovery” month. Brenda

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