Can we make AA better? Reaction

Well, the defenders of Alcoholics Anonymous are alive and well. Not that Alcoholics Anonymous needs defending, but it’s good to know that people feel as strongly about it as I might if I could be public about my membership in Alcoholics Anonymous, if I were a member, which I am not saying that I am because the traditions prevent me from doing that. So lets just say, hypothetically, I was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, I wouldn’t be able to do so on this blog because Alcoholics Anonymous is very specific even with the Internet with regards to breaking one’s anonymity. So again, lets just say I am hypothetically a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and say hypothetically, that as a member of Alcoholics Anonymous one of the most important things in my life without questions is Alcoholics Anonymous, lets say it saved this hypothetical life and that hypothetically I wouldn’t want to do anything to diminish or hurt AA – hypothetically speaking. Now what I know about AA is it doesn’t really have to rely on the hypothetical me or someone like me to take care of it. It does fine all by itself and I believe from what I know about AA it works so well because it lets people find their way. It lets them find their god, and I would have to believe that as dedicated and committed as the founders of AA were to AA they understood that it wasn’t for everybody and never would be. Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob talked a lot about things like contempt before investigation and intolerance – I’m told. So, I think everybody needs to take a step back and understand that AA isn’t going anywhere except forward, that those that treasure AA don’t have to do anything differently, kind of like President Obama’s health plan. If your happy with the program you have – fine, but if you can’t get recovery there, just like you can’t get health insurance because of a preexisting condition, or you don’t have any money or a job, maybe we should give something to those folks. Maybe there are some issues we can address that AA doesn’t spend a lot of time on. This is about more recovery; this isn’t about throwing the baby out with bath water or building a better mousetrap.  I know that spending a lot of time in church basements can transform lives and can lead to a life beyond your wildest dreams. I have seen it and know it, but there is a big world out there folks – take a look.

By the way this is my opinion, you know what they say about opinions they are like a**holes, everyone’s got one.


~ by Christopher Kennedy Lawford on July 23, 2010.

8 Responses to “Can we make AA better? Reaction”

  1. AA hypothetically saved my life…I wouldnt change a thing about it however I think that other organizations can learn from AA.

  2. Hypothetically – I concur…


  3. i have never met two people who work the program the same way – as diverse as our HPs – i do believe that the 12steps should be presented in Outpatient Programs as an option but it shouldn’t be pushed – most drunks i know will go left if TOLD to go right ;). for almost 6 years i have stayed sober and i consider myself a member of AA – i am VERY open abt my recovery – i am happy, joyous and free – BUT…i can’t quote the BB and i’ve never read the bible…oxymoronic? (i have read the BB and 12/12 and hit meetings 3x/wk)
    i do my best to offer my experience and try to lead by example – willingness, openness, honesty (and alot of humor) help me walk thru life sober – but i know i am never alone and never have to lonely again bc of the unconditional love of my fellows…thnx for letting me share ♥

    Caron Alum

  4. Christopher,

    Why don’t you just cut the crap with all this anonymity bullshit? Your comments are typical AA conformity, which is so revolting. Practically everyone in AA is a timid little mouse , who talks only the AA talk, and if anyone deviates from the AA-speak, the rest of the members sort of tune out. AA is a herd (sorry for the mixed metaphors !), and deviants get subtly trampled. AA is also a bit like the USA, a nation of conformist people mostly hypnotised by an ignorant sentimental patriotism, that even more enlightened Democrats have to bow to, since they tremble in the face of Republican patriotism -mongering.Note all the Democratic votes for George Bush’s useless Iraq War, because they were so cowed by the war rush. Obama bucked that trend, but still voted for war appropriations as a Senator. And , while we are at it, what is this Clinton-Obama support for the fascists who are now running Honduras, after a coup there last year? That sends a pretty strong message to the Left in Latin America, don’t you think? I wonder what Robert Kennedy would think about that!? The USA is one of the rare governmnents supporting those murderous reactionaries in Honduras. And there have been many murders of Leftists there by the government. Think that over, Christopher!!

    Oh, have I mentionned politics? Am I engaging in controversy? AA people reading this will not like that. Well… though!!

    Mark (from Canada)

  5. Hypothetically, the entire Kennedy family probably should belong to some 12 Step Group & there is none better than AA.

  6. Chris…. I concur that nobody need be a defender of AA, the steps, or anything else. This, for me, would be far too slippery a slope toward promotion (versus attraction) and potentially delivered through ego-driven debate.

    If AA was ineffective, we wouldn’t in our city have over 50 meetings a day, 7 days a week. Plus other 12-step fellowships numbering easily another 50.

    So if the theorists, philosophers, and theologians wish to state theories and debate, “fill your boots” is all I can say.

    I am sober, clean and recovering. For a number of years now. And I remain anonymous so I can state plainly that I am a member of AA.

    If others need something other than AA, go for it. I wish them the best and would be happy to help any way I could if it were possible. I am more concerned with recovery than anyone’s conformity to what works for me.



  7. Chaz thinks that all debate is ego-driven. Typical arrogant AA attitude: “we are above all debate, we have the Truth, what is there to talk about?. All those people who debate politics or anything have not seen the Light, as we saints in AA have; and , anyways, if we debate, we can get mad (oh my!), and we can eventually die. So , avoid all debate, and smile a lot.If someone fucks you over, show the other cheek. As far as the Marcos of the world, we pray (passive-aggressively and hypocritically) these lost souls they see the Light “. That’s AA!!. Almost total bullshit.


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