The Hesaid/Shesaid blog is written from the point of view of an addict- me and Al-Anon- Adel. We are seperate people, we are not together. The only relationship we have is that we are co-authors. Adele is writing from her experience and I am writing from mine. This is not a celebration as much as it is an attempt to illuminate the addict/Al-Anon attitudes and behaviors. Shining a light on the boogieman if you will.  p.s. Don’t take it to personally.  From CKL
About Adele Slaughter

Freelance writer, poet, journalist and teacher, Adele Slaughter is currently writing for Gethatched.com, a website by Teri Hatcher, produced by Disney Family. In 2008 Slaughter produced an independent feature called Bob’s New Suit. She taught at California State University Channel Islands and has worked as a journalist covering personal health for USAToday.com. In 2004 she was awarded a national journalism prize for her coverage of multiple sclerosis. In 1993 the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars named her a Distinguished teacher. She received her M.F.A. in poetry from Columbia University. Slaughter’s first book of poems, What The Body Remembers was published by Story Line Press in 1994. Her poems have appeared in The Virginia Quarterly Review, Confrontation, Dryad and the Princeton Spectrum.  Slaughter and Jeff Kober co-wrote a non-fiction book entitled, Art That Pays: The Emerging Artist’s Guide to Making a Living (NNAP, 2004).

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